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Passion, talent, and a love for country music took this Tennessee boy from the suburbs of Nashville and into the spotlight performing at events with award-winning artists, writing top play-listing songs and performing 280+ shows a year. 


Growing up in a traditional household Kyle learned that hard work and determination are the keys to success. Giving credit to his parents for his love of music, Kyle credits them for their influence. “They were always listening to music when I was a kid.” Kyle’s musical tastes were formed early on by sounds of 80s rock, 70s hits, and 90s mainstream. As Kyle got older he found his Nashville roots showing his love of country music, including artists like Randy Travis, Garth Brooks, Josh Turner, & more.  


When it comes to the fans, the bar is set incredibly high for Kyle. “I love my fans, without them I'd be nothing and I’d be doing all of this for nothing. I want them to know they are the sole purpose behind my music. When I feel low they pick me up, when I feel as if I’ve underachieved they remind me of how far I've come.”, “Entertaining a crowd, meeting the fans, hearing their stories, seeing them have the time of their lives…that is what God put me here to do…that’s my passion.” He even has a subscription based page where fans contribute a small monthly subscription fee to help with cost of recording new music (


Kyle took a serious interest in guitar at the age of 13. “My mom is a high school music teacher and after school her students would play their guitars and I wanted to be like the older kids. It was at that point I realized I could write my own music.” Learning how to play wasn’t easy Kyle says “I never took a single lesson. Thankfully I grew up in an era where everything I wanted to know was at my fingertips, thanks to Youtube.” Once Kyle settled into the life of a musician he began to find his path. “I started playing guitar and back up vocals for an alternative rock band, but I knew I loved country more. I grew up listening to it, living that lifestyle. It's who I am and that's why I love singing and playing country music.”

In a short time, Elliott has been making a name for himself in Country Music. Elliott’s single “Sunrise” was featured as a top song for Apple Music's Hot Country Playlist. He has release 10 singles since 2016 with a plan to release 6 new songs in 2023. In addition to his success Elliott has earned nearly 400,000 streams across all streaming platforms.


Kyle continues touring countless dates building his fanbase even on an international stage as he recently performed in the UK.


Kyle’s most recent release “I Do” debuted across all major streaming platforms and is being heard across radio stations around the world and can be heard here: For more information on Kyle Elliott please visit, or follow on other platforms via LinkTree:


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